Currency and Exchange

Tips on changing your money up

Like elsewhere in the UK, the currency in use in London is the Pound Sterling (GBP), the symbol for which is £. Despite being part of the European Union, the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland have not as yet adopted the Euro.

Whilst in London you should have no problem exchanging money; there are different Bureaux de Change exchange kiosks in all of the incoming airports and rail stations, as well as numerous exchange kiosks in the centre of London. For the more organised, arranging your currency online is always a good idea. There are also a plethora of ATM cash machines where you can also withdraw funds but be sure to check what your bank's exchange rate is, and also if there are additional charges you may have to pay to withdraw currency abroad.

The worst exchange rates are usually to be obtained from money exchange kiosks and the railway bureaus so it's worth either doing it online first, or shopping around a little. London is great if you prefer plastic, as almost everywhere accepts the major credit cards, and traveller´s cheques are also widely accepted in London.