Visa Information

Visitors to the UK will need a visa, the standard of which lasts six months. However, visa requirements are subject to change at any time. Consult our embassies and consulates page for more information and respective contact details. 

Do I need a UK Visa?

  • Members of the EEA (European Economic Area) do not need clearance into the UK.
  • Citizens of the Commonwealth will only need clearance into the UK if the purpose of their visit is to work or live here.
  • Those with national visas need a UK visa to gain entry for any reason.

Applying for a Visa

The process of obtaining your visa requires you hold the following items in your possession:

  • a valid passport.
  • a visa application form which can be downloaded here.
  • passport-sized photographs (2 - 3 should be fine).
  • you need to have paid your visa fee - found here.

For student visas, you may need some further documents:

  • an acceptance notice from your university/college.
  • bank statements (to prove you can support yourself financially).
  • proof of qualifications.

Multiple Visas

Since the maximum a UK visa allows any person to stay is six months, you'll need to renew your visa should you choose to stay here longer than that before the time runs out. It's best to apply for a multiple-use visa if this is the case in order to save you time and effort (and, potentially, more money).