General Information

Perhaps no other city in the world fits the definition of a multi-cultural global city quite like London. The sheer size of the place, with its diverse population estimated at over 14 million, can be intimidating but hopefully the information on this website, together with some careful planning using our trip planner, will help make your stay a stress free and enjoyable one. For the locals, who are of course more comfortable with getting around London and what it has to offer, we hope visiting our Restaurant Section, Box Office, Event Guide and Editors Picks will become an indispensable tool in planning your social calendars!

The first thing any visitor to London is likely to need is some advice as to how to get to and from the major airports. We have listed all the best options on our Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted and London City Airport pages. You will also find information on the various terminals, transfers and immigration procedures within these pages. Next on your list should be getting familiar with The Tube and how it works. The Tube, the locals name for the subway system, is an inexpensive and quick way to get from one point in the city to another. Complementing the London Underground is an extensive public transportation system that includes busses, overland trains and even a light railway system. Getting to grips with all of these options and how they fit together will help to open up the city for you and make your stay far more enjoyable and productive, it will also quite possibly save you from having to use the iconic but expensive Black Cabs!

So, what exactly does London have to offer? Pretty much everything if you’re willing to explore! Of course the usual favorites like Big Ben, the Tower of London and Piccadilly Circus are worth visiting, HOWEVER, there is so much more to this incredible place than just the usual tourist trappings. Don’t be afraid to step off the tour bus and go out exploring on your own! London's Parks, Museums, Art Galleries, Theatres, endless shopping streets, markets, bus tours, Health Spas, Sports facilities, Concerts… name just a few ...are just waiting for you to discover them!

Lean on your hotel concierge, they know more about the city than anyone! London is a city that thrives on tourism, and although the summer is considered to be the "high" season, there are good sized crowds all year round. This means that locals here are used to being around tourists and are also used to giving directions and helping out! The accents may be thick at times but don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need too! Londoners are, by and large, a very friendly bunch and are a free resource to all kinds of useful information.

So, what are you waiting for, start exploring….. this magical city awaits!