London Docklands Light Railway

One of the most recent additions to the London Transport Network is the Docklands Light Railway System (Londoners call it the DLR). It was opened in 1987. As the name suggests the DLR serves the Docklands area of London which is located East of the City. Over the last couple of decades this area has undergone massive regeneration and is now home to many corporate offices and thousands of very smart apartments.

Although the trains on the DLR are not compatible with the Underground tracks, the two systems do share the same ticketing system. Very different to the Underground, most of the lines and stations are actually found not only above ground but often elevated above street level. Something interesting, which I found quite unnerving the first time I used it, is that most of the trains are controlled by a central computer and do not have a driver!

The system has been extended over the years and now comprises around 19 miles of track and five different branches. The system is linked to Central London at Bank Station which is located in the main financial district. The DLR can be used to get to the EXCEL Convention Centre as well as City Airport.

As a tourist it is unlikely you will use the DLR much but it is another great tool available to help get around this huge City.