Top 10 FAQ

Before you arrive in a chosen destination, you're likely to be bursting with questions about it. Fortunately we've been blessed with the gift of foresight and have answered some vital ones for you. Obviously, if there is anything else you would like to know, please get in touch

1. Where is best for shopping?

Shopping is a massive part of tourism in London, and there are two main streets which dominate the London shopping scene: Regent Street and Oxford Street.

2. Easiest way to get around?

The London Underground snakes its way beneath the city streets and has hundreds of stops with frequently-running trains. There are plenty of other methods if this doesn't suit you.

3. What should I see first?

There's just so much, isn't there? We've compiled our favourite attractions in a list; give it a glance. 

4. Getting from the airport to London?

From any of the four major London airports, there's an express train or bus link that will take you straight into the city.

5. Where can I take the kids?

You can get hands-on at the Science Museum, see dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum, or real-life and less prehistoric animals at London Zoo - the world's your oyster!

6. I need a cigarette, where can I smoke?

Anywhere so long as you're outdoors or in the privacy of your own home. Smoking is illegal at all indoor public establishments in London and the UK. Some pubs will have designated smoking areas in the garden.

7. How safe is London?

Very. The strong presence of our police force shouldn't put you off, either. As long as you avoid quieter areas at night, travel in groups, and park vehicles in well-lit areas, you'll be fine. If anything should happen, however, we've got a list of who to call

8. What's an Oyster Card?

Very useful little smart-cards which you top up with credit and 'touch in' when you go through gates at any Underground station (they only work on the Underground and a limited amount of mainline stops). More information and purchases can be found and made here.

9. What sort of clothes will I need?

Lighter ones for the warmer months (June - September), heavier ones for winter and early spring (November - February). Generally the weather here is very unpredictable, so plan in advance by giving our weather page a look. 

10. Will I ever want to leave?

We doubt it.