Best Iconic Shopping Streets in London

Local Recommendations from our My Guide London team

As part of an electric fashion past, London has some of the world's best shops crammed into different streets. 1960s swinging London is in Carnaby Street, the begginings of punk and Westwood is in King's Road and for the best tailors, Bond Street.

Welcome to some of the busiest areas of London. Walking down probably two of the most well-known shopping streets, Oxford and Regent's Street, you'll really have to pick where you step carefully. Be sure to guard your pockets as well, as active pickpockets are known to operate in the two areas. And why wouldn't they? The crowds - especially around the festive period - seriously build up here. However, on a lighter note, there are fantastic high street brands lining these streets, as well as lesser known names, but also some obscenely large stores like Nike World - shops made into actual worlds mean you could spend an entire day in there without leaving. Other than shops, there are some outstanding restaurants dotted about which are also more than worth investigating.