The Londoner's Dictionary

The English language has evolved from when 'thou' and 'doth' and 'wouldst' were commonplace. Nowadays the casual London conversation consists of 'British-isms', some of which are more globally familiar than others. Either way, we'd like to give you a quick briefing on some of the words and phrases you're likely to hear in the street, in a cafe, bar or supermarket in London just so you know what we're on about.

Everyday London Terms

Alright?|An informal greeting to mean, hello**

Battered|To be extremely drunk**

Bloke|Informal description of any male person**


Caf|Abbreviation of cafe**


Cheers|A common farewell; an acceptance of transaction**

Chippy|A chip shop**

Chokka-block|Implying a severe traffic jam; a large, densely-populated area (can be shortened to chokka)**

Dive|A decrepit place**

Down for it|To happily oblige a request**

Fiver|A five pound note**

Gents| The male lavatory, esp. in a pub**

Gob-smacked|To be in utter disbelief**

Handy|To be immediately useful**

Innit|To wholeheartedly agree with someone**

Knackered|Exhausted; very tired**

Love|Informal term of address**

Lovely-jubbly|To be extremely pleased with something**

Mate|Common term of address towards men**

Minted|To be very rich**

Mobile|Alternative for cell phone/celluar phone**

Mug|A stupid person; someone's face; someone's mouth**

Nice one|To be very happy with a decision**

Oi|To gain someone's attention**

Oi-oi|Alternative to hello; informal greeting**

Oik|A nuisance; troublemaker; objectional individual**

Quid|Informal for pound coin**

Round|A collection of drinks, usually three or more, which are purchased altogether at a pub; to get a round in**

Rubbish|Something that isn't very good; litter; junk**

Sarnie|Informal for sandwich**

Swanky|Very posh; sophisticated; classy**

Sweet|To approve greatly of something**

Tenner|A ten pound note**

Tipping it down|Raining heavily**

Up for it|To happily oblige a request**

Wellies|Wellington boots**