Best Art Galleries in London

Local Recommendations from our My Guide London team

A great way to spend an afternoon in London is to visit one of the many amazing Art Galleries. Let yourself be inspired by these amazing pieces of art, and see what the most talented artist in the world have made.

Something about our art galleries which is most appealing is that they're mostly free to enter. Unless they have a special exhibition going on within the gallery itself, you're free to wander in and out as you choose. The Tate Modern is probably the most well-known art gallery in London, not least because of its gigantic chimney jutting up into the London sky. Over the Millennium Bridge from St. Paul's Cathedral, the Tate (as we call it) offers several floors of incredible art and installations from around the world. Apart from anything else, though, ambling around one of our art galleries is nothing short of pure relaxation, thanks to the inherent calming atmosphere that they invoke.